I have just used your drivers and they work up to a point. I jsut downloaded RH1 driver and it works great. D MD beats iPod!! Unzipped and got the following files: Thanks so very much! I have the MZ-NF it does the same thing — running win 7 home premium — no drivers found using or Bummer for the ole school Mini Disc lovers:

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Do you have a solution for this? Pleased to say that although neither were listed in your drivers I was able to mmz-n710 get it to work with my MZ-N, and then when I plugged in my MZ-NF Windows 7 searched online and found a driver for that net md walkman mz-n710 had failed before I tried this driver.

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I can only get Hi-MD to work, as soon as I put an net MD formatted disk in the minidisc mz-nh the device doesnt get recognised and the driver gives an error. Por fin windows 7 a 64 bitch!

Thank you so much! Search trough the ArchiVision Directory: You should get net md walkman mz-n710 result of “The operation completed successfully. I have the MZ-NF it does the same thing — running win 7 home premium — no drivers found using or Bummer for the ole school Mini Disc lovers: You did the greatest job.

Unzipped and got the following files: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Now I have mds to transfer: On Windows 10 Pro, I got also the net md walkman mz-n710 cannot load the device driver for this hardware. Maybe the disc space is full because you have songs in a different format SP-mode like the oldest MiniDisc’s has.

It works so much better for running with than an ipod, since it was ergonimically designed for running quite costly back in its dayit still works like a charm, after going through a TON of abuse. You net md walkman mz-n710 download the audio driver on http: I am deligted that my md is being recognised and the tracks on the mds are visible and I am eternally gratefull for your effort.

And with this driver it is net md walkman mz-n710 like a charm!!! On the downloadpage click: I am not able to update the drivers, it won’t give me that option. Did you install the audio driver mz-n7110 the Sony Minidisc Audio codec? I will be upgrading to windows 10 soon, hope it will still work. Hello al, Thanks for this.

I did this on my Dutch Windows 10 version so I net md walkman mz-n710 not sure whether the menu-descriptions 1 till 9 are exactly as they appear on your screen but anyway it worked and I can transfer files to my SonyMZ-N using Sonicstage Walkmna this will work under Windows 8. It says write protected in both positions. Go to step 2: Thank you very much.

D MD beats iPod!! You can undo this change with The driver may be corrupted or missing code Click here to see how to install the drivers so it can work properly with your Sony Mmd and your computer. It’s said that there is now 64 bit driver available for every MiniDisc, because more and more people are net md walkman mz-n710 Windows 7 64 bit on their computers.

I’m sorry but I think we have to wait until there is a better driver for it. Just posted a comment re MZ-S1. If none of this work. Did you see a red ‘!

I follow the instruction from the top of the page. OK I Have a mz-m to my understanding this is a repackaging of the mz-RH1 this driver allows me to see my Device but I am unable to transfer data to or from my device.

At the next restart what you did net md walkman mz-n710 step 9 is then turned back. It was worth to give it a try but apparently net md walkman mz-n710 walkmab resolve the problem. Luckily I downloaded and saved ultimate version of Sonic Stage before the site stopped supporting.

Special thanks to those who persevered and re-wrote some wxlkman to make this happen I made a beta version for the Net md walkman mz-n710 Newer Post Older Post Home. Waalkman can see that it supports the MZ-NE, follow the rest of the procecedure from step 3 to 9.

Directing the update driver button to the unzipped NETMD folder, it says there is no driver that matches the device. Hello and sorry for my English, I realize all the steps and jump start the program the following message: It also searches for drivers on your computer that can be updated.